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A Detailed Guide On How to Change Employee to Vendor in QuickBooks

Change Employee to Vendor in QuickBooks
Jan 03, 2023   |   By admin

QuickBooks allows users to access the name types to classify the people and the business related to their business. Also, it enables you to change employee to vendor in QuickBooks. However, if the employee has transactions linked with the record, you can make the employee inactive. Furthermore, read the entire post if you are hunting for a detailed process to change employee to vendor in QuickBooks.

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Instructions to Change the vendor, customer or employee name type in QuickBooks

It is essential to alter the name type in QuickBooks in a situation where an employer is converting into a freelancer and again wants to be categorized as the vendor. Similarly, the freelancer registered as a vendor can be easily named as an employee if QuickBooks employ them.

QuickBooks doesn’t allow you to change customer, employee or vendor type. Only you can change the name type when the present type is set as another name.

There are two different ways using which you can change the name type; which are as follows:

Option 1: You have to erase the name and create it again below the proper name type option. Moreover, it only works if no transactions persist for the particular name.

1. Initially, you must visit the Customer Center, Vendor Center or Employee Centre where the name already exists.
2. After this, right-click on the name and then pick the highlighted Delete (Customer: Job/ Vendor / Employee).

Option 2: Inactive the name and then try creating it once again beneath the right name type. This condition only applies in those situations when there are transactions that are connected with the name.

1. Firstly, move towards the Customer Center, Vendor Center or Employee Center in which the name presently exists.
2. Then, right-click on the name and choose the Make (Customer: Job/Vendor/Employee) inactive.

Stepwise Instructions to Change Employee to Vendors in QuickBooks

At times, the question might arise in the users mind as to how to change employee to vendor in QuickBooks. So, to answer such a question, you must read the below-listed pointers thoroughly.

Phase 1:- Generate a Vendor Record

1. In the beginning, move to the Employees menu and then the Employee Center.
2. After this, you must right-click on the particular employee you want to convert into a vendor.
3. Furthermore, choose the highlighted Vendor icon if displayed on the screen.
4. After this, hit the New Vendor option and proceed to the next step.
5. Now, you must input the mandatory details in the Vendor Name, Currency, and the current opening balance from the former employee record.
6. Next, select the Address Info tab and then Additional Info. Then, you must fill in all the required details, and the optional default expenses action within the particular account prefill tab.
7. Lastly, hit the OK button to store and exit from the new vendor detail window.

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Phase 2: Conversion of the Employee Transactions

1. In the initial stage, move to the Employees menu and then Employee Center.
2. After this, opt for the Employees tab. Then pick the actual employee to verify that all the transactions are linked with the particular account.
3. You are supposed to hit on every transaction twice that you must set to a particular new vendor.
4. Change the name of the employee to the new vendor. Hit the Save button to store the necessary changes. You have to end the process for every transaction.
5. Furthermore, once you have completed changing all employee transactions to vendor transactions, you can terminate the employee if you want to do the same.

Wrapping It Up!!

Here we wind up this post and hope that the instructions listed in this post will be enough to change employee to vendor in QuickBooks. If you still need help with conversion, you must consult with our professionals through email. Alternatively, you can also connect with our professionals via the live chat facility to get a simple resolution to the query.

Frequently Asked Question

Below we have described the steps to change vendor payment.
1. Firstly, open the Expenses and select the Vendors option from the drop-down menu.
2. After this, choose the Vendor option to open it and then choose the Manage Invite option.
3. Thereafter, to use it manually, pick the Change Payment Method option to verify.

No, it isn’t possible that a customer can be a vendor in QuickBooks, and this is so because the customers and vendors are entirely different from each other. Moreover, this indicates that no condition can apply vendor credit to any particular receipt.

The users can generate a vendor in QuickBooks by implementing the steps listed below.
1. Firstly, opt for the Expense option and Vendors from the left-side menu.
2. Head towards the upper-right corner and then hit the New Vendor.
3. You have set up the vendor information and then click Save.

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