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How to Delete Transactions on Sage 50?

Delete Transactions on Sage 50
Dec 23, 2022   |   By admin

Sage 50 is a prominent and popular accounting software that is made to help businesses and professionals in their accounting tasks. They have one of the best user-friendly interfaces. However, there are a few features of Sage 50 that are a bit difficult for its users to understand. One of them is Deleting Transactions. There can be various reasons why a user needs to delete their transactions.

In this post, we will give you a brief guide on How to Delete Transactions on Sage 50. So read out the whole blog to understand the process better.

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Things to keep an eye on before proceeding to Delete Transactions on Sage 50

Let’s take a look at the point you must consider before going further with the transaction deletion process:

  • Make sure to have a proper backup of your data and files.
  • Ensure that the delivery notes present in the Sage controller are updated properly.
  • Check the work order in the Sage Batch Controller; no work should be allowed there.
    However, if you are deleting transactions from the Edit Register, then take a look at these points to take care of:
  • If you want to delete a transaction with the help of Cash Management, then this can be done when it is posted in Cash Management.
  • The actual accounting data can be used to reverse the entry once you are done with deleting the transaction.
  • Ignore deleting reconciled or cleared transactions as much as possible.
  • Suppose you have used the Setup Assistance process to enter any transaction, but that transaction is deleted, then in such scenarios. In that case, you can send back any reverse entry to the General ledger.
  • Moreover, if you have deleted the bank transfer, then both sides of the transfer details will be removed from the bank account.

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Steps to delete transactions on Sage 50

Follow the given instructions for pay remove transaction in Sage 50:

  1. Go to the Task Menu.
  2. After that, select Edit Register.
  3. Next, choose your relevant bank account.
  4. Now, hit on ok to go further.
  5. Then to delete a particular transaction, find a row that matches the transaction.
  6. After that, click to choose the transaction to delete.
  7. There you can find a black arrow for the chosen transaction; right-click on that.
  8. Next, hit on the option named Delete Row.
  9. A new prompt will appear on your screen; Select Yes to Delete
  10. Then click on Finish Button.
  11. Now, Select the start button to save the journal as a file or print it.
  12. If a user wants, they can even post the reversing entries in their Cash Management section with the General Ledger option.
  13. At last, once the entries you selected are deleted, delete the bank balances as well.

Important: If any of your Bank transfer is assigned as Bank Transfer, then, from the bank account, delete the other side of the bank transfer.

By this, your process of deleting the bank transaction is completed.

Wrapping it up!

After trying the described steps, if you are still struggling with removing Transactions on Sage 50, then it might be possible that your system is having some kind of technical glitch that is creating a hindrance in the process. In this case, you need to get in touch with the Sage professionals Team and save time. Get in touch with us via email or live chat, and ask all your Queries.

Frequently Asked Question

To delete the transactions, follow the given steps:
1. From the Banking tab, choose the bank account.
2. Then navigate to the Activity tab, and click on the tick box available at the top left side of the transaction you want to delete.
3. A new toolbar will pop up on your screen above the list.
4. Then from the toolbar option, you have to click on the Delete tab.

If you can’t remove any transactions, then you need to reverse and report them in a proper way. This will resolve your problem very easily.

3. How can I Delete my transaction history?
Steps to delete individual transactions:
Go to the Bank statement lines section, there search for the transaction you want to delete. You have the possibility to filter transactions by status with the help of options given in the drop-down menu.
1. Click on the three points on its right
2. Select Remove.
3. Confirm the action.

If you want to remove an entry in sage, then follow the given instructions:
1. Navigate to the Adjustments journals.
2. After that, look for the particular journal you want to delete.
3. Then, enter the reference in the search box.
4. In case you know the date, then modify the date range and hit on the Delete option.

1. Navigate to a relevant module for an example customer.
2. After that, click on the records you want to delete.
3. If you want to select all the records at a time
4. then choose all records listed, hit on Clear, then Swap.

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