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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1303?

QuickBooks Error 1303
Jan 10, 2023   |   By admin

Are you stuck with QuickBooks Error 1303 and want to learn the easiest way to tackle it? Go through this Blog to learn more about it.
QuickBooks Error Code 1303 is an installation error, which happens when the installer doesn’t have appropriate permission to use the path to the directory. Whenever you encounter this error, you will be presented with the following error message stating:

“Error 1303: Installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory. C:\…\Intuit”.

Continue reading this entire article to Acquire more knowledge about the main causes behind Error 1303 in QuickBooks. Moreover, we have also mentioned all the ways to troubleshoot the issue.

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What Triggers QuickBooks Error Code 1303?

There are not many reasons that lead to QuickBooks Error 1303, but a few very basic ones. The user can face this error if there is some Misconfiguration in the Settings for Windows File sharing. Apart from this, the error can also emerge due to the given reasons:

  • System doesn’t have Enough Space in the drive.
  • Technical error in QuickBooks Installation process.
  • If the System doesn’t have enough control to use the path to the directory.

What are the Signs of QuickBooks Error 1303?

If you are still wondering how to determine the QuickBooks Error code 1303 in QuickBooks, you have to check its root symptoms, which are explained below:

  •  You are not able to Install QuickBooks
  • Your Operating System is freezing.
  • Installation of other programs or applications may stop automatically.
  • Your Desktop stops accepting your command.
  • The Windows start behaving sluggish.
  • An error message will appear on your screen stating QuickBooks Error 1303.

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Verified Solutions to rectify QuickBooks Error 1303

Now that you are fully aware of all the important aspects of error 1303, let’s learn and follow a few tried and tested solutions to troubleshoot it.

First Solution: Get the QuickBooks Tools Hub installed in your System

QuickBooks Tools Hub is made to fix all the common QuickBooks installation errors caused due to damaged Microsoft components. By installing Tools Hub, you can easily eliminate the error code 1303 instantly. Once you are done with the installation process, run the tool for your System and resolve the error.
Note: To utilize Tools Hub, you first have to close the QuickBooks software.

  1. Download the QuickBooks Tools Hub from Intuit’s official website.
  2. Thereafter, save the file in your System.
  3. Now, Once the download process is complete, launch the file.
  4. Next, you have to click on the I am having problems installing QuickBooks, and proceed further by hitting Ok.
  5. Now, wait for some time; the diagnostic tool will verify and review the issue, then try to rectify it.
Second Solution: Fix the QuickBooks error 1303 Manually

In case you tried resolving the QuickBooks error code 1303 using QuickBooks Tools Hub, and it did not work for you, then try to do the same manually.

Stage 1: Make Changes in the Permission of the Required Folders

One of the major reasons behind error code 1303 is insufficient permission for the groups of Windows. With the help of this method, you will give permission to SYSTEM and Everyone group to utilize the directory on Windows.

  1. Initiate the process by Pressing the Windows+R keys to open the Run box.
  2. Now, in the required box, Provide the path as C:\ProgramData\COMMON FILES\.
  3. Click on Ok, and a new window will open in front of you that shows folder content.
  4. In that Window hit on the Organize option.
  5. Thereafter, select Properties.
  6. From there, you have to go to the Security Option.
  7. Now, select the Advanced tab, and hit on the Edit option.
  8. Next, scroll down to check the Permission entry list and select the System User option.
  9. Choose the Checkbox for the Full Control row present in the Allow column.
  10. After that, hit Ok.
  11. Now, repeat the same process for Everyone’s Groups as well.
  12. Verify the checkbox that says, “Replace all existing inheritable permissions on all descendants with inheritable permissions from this object. “
  13. Now, Click on the Ok button.
  14. At the end, Install QuickBooks Desktop.
Stage 2: Disable the Simple File Sharing
  1. Open the Run window by pressing Windows + R.
  2. Thereafter, you have to copy & paste RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Options_RunDLL 0.
  3. Now, Hit Enter.
  4. Open the view tab and navigate to the Advanced Settings list.
  5. Review and remove the Use simple file sharing checkbox.
  6. At last, click on Ok, and go further with the QuickBooks Desktop installation.
Third Solution: Run the Utility Tool

Running utility may fix QuickBooks Error 1303 in your System, so let’s look at the steps to do it:

  1. At the beginning of the process, you have to click on the link: permissionsfix.bat.
  2. Thereafter, Save that on your Desktop.
  3. Open the DOS window by double-clicking the file, then enter Y when the prompt appears on your screen. This will modify the permission of the required folder to default.
  4. Next, you will be prompted to “are you sure you want to continue? (Y/N)”.
    Note: “y” must be entered in lowercase to ignore any kind of obstacle.
  5. Now, press any key to exit the DOS window.
  6. At last, insert QuickBooks CD and install it again.

Bottom Line!

You can instantly rectify the QuickBooks Error Code1303 by performing the above-described methods. However, if you in any additional help from professionals, you can mail us your Queries at  +1 855 706 0905 or use the live chat option as well.

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