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How to Fix QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly

quickbooks migration failed unexpectedly
Nov 11, 2022   |   By admin

At times, the users need to transfer QuickBooks data to a new system for better configuration, more space, etc. This is the time when the QuickBooks Migrator tool comes into view. The main use of this tool is to migrate QuickBooks data from an old system to the new one. However, while migrating QB from the old PC to the new one, the users might get stuck with QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly error.

As a result, the users won’t be able to transfer the old QuickBooks data to the new system. Thus, it hampers the ongoing business operations and puts the ongoing work at a halt. If you are also discovering the same issue, then don’t panic and go through the troubleshooting solutions listed in this post to fix it.

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Data that you can Transfer via QuickBooks Migrator Tool

Using the QuickBooks Migrator Tool, you can only transfer some required data to keep the application up and working on your system. Therefore, to let you know which data you can transfer or not, go through the following points listed below.

A: Data that the Migrator Tool is capable of migrating

1. You can easily transfer QuickBooks letters and templates and scheduled and memorized reports.
2. Also, you can copy the last three company files you opened on your old PC.
3. The users can transfer local attachments, advanced reports, cash flow projectors, and local attachments.
4. Moreover, you can also transfer related files, forms, custom templates, statement writers, and loan managers.

B: Data that the Migrator Tool won’t transfer

1. QuickBooks Desktop won’t allow you to copy the configuration of a new computer while using the application in multi-user mode.
2. If you are accessing Intuit Data Protect to generate the backup of the company file, remove QB from Old PC. Then you have to log in again to your company file on your new PC.
3. For instance, if you have already set up the payroll services on the old computer, you need to sign in again on the new PC. Doing so will ensure that your data will remain safe and secure from cybercriminals.
4. You must know that you won’t be able to copy the manual backup of the company file.
5. Moreover, you can only copy up to the last 3 data files opened on your system. If you have other company files, then it will be transferred automatically.

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Reasons Why QuickBooks Migration Failed Error Takes Place

The users might get stuck with the QuickBooks Migration Failed error while using an outdated version of the QuickBooks Migrator tool. Apart from this, there are plenty of reasons that might strike this error, which are as follows:

1. It might be possible that you are operating the version of QuickBooks which is not in use anymore.
2. Sometimes, it may trigger when QuickBooks is interrupted due to the inappropriate configuration of the Windows operating system.
3. Also, the users might come across QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly error when the migration file service gets corrupted.

Simple Procedures to Overcome QuickBooks Migration Failed Error

We understand how annoying it is when you get stuck with QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly Error while moving old QB data to a new computer. Therefore, to deal with this issue, we have provided you with some simple resolution methods to eliminate the error.

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Procedure 1: Get the Updated Version of Windows

You can fix QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly error by using the newly launched version of Windows on your system. Therefore, to update the Windows operating system, perform the following steps properly.

1. Firstly, tap on the Windows icon and click on the Settings menu.
2. Soon after this, you have to look for the Windows Update option.
3. Once you get the Windows Update option, click on it.
4. Now, open the QuickBooks Desktop and try migrating the QuickBooks data to the new computer.

Procedure 2: Regenerate your QuickBooks Company Files:-

The users can use the QuickBooks Migrator Tool to reestablish the company files. Moreover, you can also search and copy the QB company file from the backup file manually. To restore your company file, implement the following steps properly.
1. Begin the process by copying the backup file on your new Windows PC.
2. Now, you have to open the folder containing your QuickBooks backup file.
3. Afterwards, open the folder named “Restored_ CompanyName_Files”.
4. Proceed further by right-clicking on the folder and then opt for the Copy option.
5. Next, you have to paste the file within the required location.

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Procedure 3: Migrate the QuickBooks Company File to a new computer

To transfer the QuickBooks Desktop data to the new computer, adhere to the following instructions.

1. Initially, you have to install the QuickBooks Desktop on your system.
2. After this, you need to generate a backup of your old QuickBooks Desktop data.
3. Thereafter, you are required to copy the particular backup of your new system.
4. Now, open the QuickBooks application and then restore the specific data file. Then, go through the on-screen instructions to accomplish the restoration process.

Procedure 4: Transfer the Entire QuickBooks Data Folder

There might be certain instances when the users might strike QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly error when you haven’t sent the entire folder on a new PC. Therefore, to avoid the issue, ensure that you have sent the entire folder instead of the data file to a new PC.

Here, we have listed some of the simple steps using which you can easily transfer the QuickBooks data folder.

1. Begin the process by opening the QuickBooks Desktop on your system. Then, search for your company file.
2. Now, hit the F2 key on your keyboard to bring the Product Information window to your screen.
3. Now, you must navigate the File Information section and locate your data file.
4. Afterwards, tap on the Start menu and choose File Explorer to open it on your device.
5. Following this, you need to access the given company file folder.
6. Once you get the folder, right-click on it and then opt for the Copy option.
7. End the process by pasting the particular file into the required location.

Procedure 5: Make Use Of Intuit Data Protect Plan

With the help of Intuit Data Protect Plan, you can easily prepare the backup of the company file. To use this feature, you have to apply the steps listed below.

1. In the first step, generate a backup file of your QuickBooks company file.
2. Following this, you must log in to Intuit Data Protect on your new computer.
3. Thereafter, move to the File menu within the QuickBooks application.
4. You need to pick the Backup Company option from the upcoming window and then Set-Up or Activate Online Backup.
5. Now, select your company file and select the Continue option.
6. Mark the checkbox next to the Backup Local Selected Documents and click Continue to generate the backup file.

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To Sum Up!!

Here, we wind up this entire post and hope the solutions listed above will help you resolve QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly error. However, if you cannot resolve the issue even after implementing the resolution steps, then communicate with our experts. To get all answers to your queries, you must reach them out via email or live chat facility.

Frequently Asked Question

There is no need to upgrade QuickBooks after migrating it to the new system, and this is so because the new version will already be installed on the new system. So, getting the latest upgrades of the QuickBooks Desktop is fine.

Before moving QuickBooks to a new computer, ensure you are connected with a high-speed internet connection. Also, verify that you have a USB drive with enough storage space for storing QB files.

To transfer QuickBooks Desktop to a new computer, you have to log in to your payroll and payment services. After this, log in to Intuit Data Protect and then schedule your backup. Then, migrate any additional company files from the old PC to a new one.

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