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How to Fix Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14?

Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14
Dec 19, 2022   |   By admin

Sage 50 is one of the most preferred accounting applications used by businesses, be they small, mid-sized, or large enterprises. It offers many incredible features that can strengthen your business accounting processes. However, you may get various issues when running the program, such as Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14.

This error can adversely affect the workflow of the users, but you don’t need to panic about the same. It is common to get errors when running software. All you need is to implement the right troubleshooting solutions to get rid of the problem. This post elaborates on the causes, symptoms, and troubleshooting solutions for Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14.

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What Does Decline Code Error 14 Mean?

The Decline Code Error 14 in Sage 50 is an erroneous situation, which is also known as an “Invalid Card Error”. This error code falls under the bank error or transaction decline issue that can take place when using the banking feature from within the program.

The error code appears on your screen when you try to make a bank transaction, and the bank declines it. Entering an incorrect Card number is one of the most apparent reasons behind this error. However, multiple other factors can also give rise to this error code in the Sage 50 application.

Banking Feature in Sage 50 Application

Sage 50 allows users to record and track their transactions. You can reconcile your bank account with Sage 50 and keep an eye on all the transactions. It allows users to get all their transactions downloaded to the program automatically and match both records for any discrepancies. You can make financial transactions by entering your credit/debit card information. However, if the information is not entered correctly, it promotes the Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14 in the program.

Main Reasons That Can Promote Sage 50 Decline Error Code 14

It is crucial to determine the possible reasons behind an error code before you move ahead to troubleshoot it. The same applied to the Sage error code 14 as well. Below are some of the primary reasons that can give birth to this error when making transactions in the Sage 50 program:

  • When entering a credit or debit card number, you make an error.
  • If the card is blocked by the customer or other issues related to it.
  • When making the payment by the virtual terminal, the magnetic card is damaged.
  • A damaged card reader is also one of the possible reasons that can promote Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14.

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Symptoms of Decline Error Code 14 in Sage 50

If you want to identify the Sage 50 error code 14, keep an eye on the below-given symptoms:

  • You may not be able to complete a transaction from your bank.
  • Sage 50 Decline code error 14 will appear on your screen.
  • The performance of the program will be hampered by the arrival of the error message.
  • The computer responds sluggishly.

On noticing these changes, know that it is time for error troubleshooting.

How To Get Rid Of The Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14?

If you are not able to run the program smoothly due to this concerning error code, below are some effective solutions to eliminate the problem:

Solution 1: If You Have Entered The Wrong Card Number

Entering the wrong card number is a common mistake that we often make when making a transaction. When it gives the error, you will be prompted to enter your card number again. Here, you need to make sure that you are entering your card number accurately and with the utmost attention. Also, avoid typo errors. If the error still occurs when making a transaction within the Sage 50 application, try the next solution.

Solution 2: Clean The Virtual Terminal To Fix The Error

If you are having trouble with the error resolution, clean your visual terminal and check the status of the Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14. When making a payment using a virtual terminal by swiping your card, a damaged magnetic stripe on the card reader can give rise to the decline error code 14.

Also, if the card reader is not clean, you may get the error code on your screen. In such a scenario, you need to clean it and try to complete the transaction again. If the error continues, move to the next troubleshooting solution.

Solution 3: Make Sure That Your Swiping Device is Enabled

Make sure that your swiping device is enabled. If not, follow the below-listed steps:

  • On the bottom right of your computer near the clock, locate the SE icon on the system tray.
  • Once found, right-click on it, and it will open a drop-down menu.
  • Select the Settings option from the list and choose the right device option to enable it.
  • After selecting the device, click the OK button.
  • Again, right-click on the SE icon and select Restart Application.

After activating the swiping machine, try to make the transaction again.

To End Things Off!

If you are looking for genuine help for the Sage 50 Decline Code Error 14, navigating through this full post will definitely help. This post elaborates on some effective solutions that can suppress the possible reasons behind the error. On facing technical difficulties, you can get in touch with an expert who can guide you with the error resolution procedure.

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