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How Do I Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop Premier?

How Do I Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop Premier?
Jul 14, 2022   |   By admin

If you are also a user of the QuickBooks desktop account, then you might be thinking about how you can upgrade the QuickBooks desktop premier from an older to a new version. The QuickBooks desktop 2022 has already been released, and if you want to learn how to upgrade to the latest version, stay tuned and read this blog post until the last word.

Why Should You Upgrade the QuickBooks Desktop Premier?

Intuit each year releases a new version of the QuickBooks desktop to provide a seamless experience to the user for managing their business activities. There are many benefits of upgrading the QuickBooks desktop to the latest release, some of which are as follows.

  1. Solved old queries and problems.
  2. Better security and safety features.
  3. Fixed previous security bugs and loops.
  4. Real-time invoice tracking with the improved data file.
  5. Enhanced user experience and features.

How to Check QuickBooks Desktop Premier is Updated or Not?

Before you directly jump on to updating the QuickBooks desktop to the latest version, let’s look at how you can check if you are using the latest version of QuickBooks desktop premier.

  • First, double-click on the QuickBooks desktop icon to open the application.
  • Thereon, on the home page of the screen, press the F2 key on your keyboard to open the product information window.
  • Here, you can check for the current version and update you are using.

If you saw the version is not QuickBooks 22.0, then you are using the outdated version, and there is a need for updating it.

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How to Take the Backup of QuickBooks Current Version?

Once you have decided to upgrade the QuickBooks desktop to the latest release, you must take the backup of the QuickBooks current version files so that during the upgradation process, you will not lose any of your important data.

For getting the backup, below are the steps you can follow to get the process done.

  • First, open the current version of the QuickBooks desktop you are using on your system.
  • Afterward, log in to the QuickBooks company’s file with admin user access.
  • Now, on the application’s home page, click on the “File” menu option.
  • Then, click on the “Backup Company” under the drop-down list.
  • Moving ahead, click on the “Create Local Backup” option under the backup company window.
  • Now, a new pop-up window with the options for creating a backup window will be open on your screen.
  • You can select any of the options as per your choice and then click on the “Next” option.
  • If you want to make additional changes to your current backup settings, click on the “Options” button.
  • Otherwise, click on the “Next” option, and then the application will start preparing the backup of your files.
  • Once the backup gets saved, then close the current window.

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Upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop Latest Release

While upgrading the QuickBooks desktop to the latest release, you must ensure all the users have logged out from the company file. After that, below mentioned are the steps that you can follow to upgrade the QuickBooks desktop application to the latest release.

  • First, download and install the latest version of the QuickBooks desktop application.
  • Thereon, from the top left side of the screen, click on the “File” menu option.
  • Then under the drop down list, click on the “Open or Restore Company” option.
  • Then click on the “Open a Company” option.
  • After that, click on the “Next” option.
  • Then select the “Restore a Backup Copy” option, followed by a click on the “Next” option.
  • After that, click on the “Local Backup” option.
  • Then a new window will be open on your screen.
  • On that page, use the Browse option to navigate to the location where the company’s file is saved and click on the file to select it.
  • After that, select the “Open” option.
  • Once you select your company’s file, you must sign in to the admin user account.
  • Provide the login credentials and then click on the “OK” option.
  • Click on the “Update Now” option to upgrade the QuickBooks desktop.
  • After that, the upgradation process will be commenced.
  • During the upgradation process, you can see a progress bar on the screen displaying the status of the action.
  • Once the updating process ends, click on the “Done” option to end the process.

Now, your QuickBooks new version account is all ready to be used.

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When Can’t the QuickBooks Desktop Purchase be Find While Upgrading?

If, while updating the QuickBooks desktop to a new version, the upgrade can’t find your QuickBooks desktop purchase, then it means the email ID you are using with the QuickBooks desktop account is different from the one you provided while purchasing the QuickBooks.

Here is what you can do in that scenario to fix this issue.

  • Search for the purchase confirmation email from QuickBooks on your registered email address.
  • Then provide your license number and product number and click on the “Continue” option to end the upgradation process.

How Can I Upgrade the QuickBooks Desktop Subscription?

To upgrade the QuickBooks desktop subscription to the latest release, below are the steps you can follow to get the process done.

  • First of all, when you are ready to upgrade the version, then click on the “Upgrade Now” option.
  • After that, select the “Keep old Version on My Computer” and click on the “Let’s Go” option.
  • Now, QuickBooks will automatically download, install, and activates the new version of QuickBooks.
  • Once the upgrading process, then clicks on the “Open QuickBooks” option.

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Ending Up

So, that’s all with today’s blog. We hope you find this blog informative. This blog post has covered all the essential steps you can follow to upgrade the QuickBooks desktop premier to the latest version. Above, we have described the steps you can follow to upgrade the QuickBooks. If you have any query related to the topic or any other QuickBooks error, then you can reach out to us through the chat box. You can also write us your query through the mail. Our experienced and professional experts with in-depth knowledge about QuickBooks are available 24*7 at the help desk to attend to your query.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are the steps to enable the hidden files in QuickBooks.

  • Go to the File menu, click the Change folder, and search options.
  • Then click on the “View” option, select the “Show hidden files, folders, and drives,” and at last, click on the “OK” option.

If you continue to use the older version of the QuickBooks desktop, you will not be able to get help from Intuit’s team. Intuit each year released a new version and discontinued the help section for the older versions after three years.

The QuickBooks desktop 2022 version is fully compatible till 2025. Although, after 2025, users will not be able to access the help from their official team, they can easily use the product 2025.

The QuickBooks premier includes features specially designed for businesses in certain industries, such as manufacturing, contracting, and professional services. On the other hand, the QuickBooks Pro version is more generalized and does not include these industry-specific features.

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