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How to Fix TurboTax Error 190

TurboTax Error 190
Jan 12, 2023   |   By admin

TurboTax is an excellent software for tax filing; however, Any issues do occur in this program. TurboTax error 190 is one such issue that can crop up when a user attempts to open the file in TurboTax CD/Download.

Filing taxes is an imperative part of our lives. It is our due responsibility towards our country, which we need to fulfill. However, taxpayers who use TurboTax to file their returns may come across some issues at the Internal Revenue Service’s Free File website.

On getting TurboTax error code 190, you need to look for the possible reasons behind this issue and fix them by implementing the right solutions. Find detailed solutions to resolve TurboTax error 190 by navigating through this post until the end.

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USP Of TurboTax Error 190

It enables millions of taxpayers to file federal and state taxes without much paperwork. However, it has its own online error limitations, like error code 190. However, this is just a short-lived error that pops up on your screen. This appears on the screen when a user tries to open the organization file.

What is TurboTax Error 190?

It means that you are trying to open a 2018 tax file that comprises one or more state returns. However, the type of turbo tax you are using does not have the required state modules installed. In a scenario like this, you are required to start a mock return in order to download and install the state modules required.

People filing taxes often come across this error code off and on when they are using turbo tax software for a long. The only reason behind this error is the virus attack on your system or malware threats. Hence, one needs to troubleshoot the program. However, some errors are very trivial and can be rectified with simple troubleshooting. This kind of troubleshooting simply wants you to relaunch the TurboTax software and run Disk Cleanup to clear the cache.

Always remember that one can fix such kind of errors only if you are aware of the real cause.

Possible Reasons for TurboTax Error 190?

Before we discuss how to fix TurboTax error 190, it is crucial to look for the possible reasons behind the error. When you know the possible reasons behind the error code 190 in TurboTax, troubleshooting becomes easier. Below are some of the main reasons behind this error:

  • When you launch the Turbotax program on the system.
  • Another possible reason is the incorrect graphics drivers.
  • Also, when there is no compatibility between the TurboTax program and the running system program.
  • Compatibility issues between the system and program can also give birth to the TurboTax error 190.

These are some of the main reasons you can prevent (before the error occurs) or troubleshoot by implementing suitable steps.

Symptoms of Error 190 TurboTax

When error 190 occurs in your tax software, you can identify it with the below-given symptoms:

  • TurboTax error code 109 will show up on your screen all of a sudden.
  • An active TurboTax window will crash abruptly.
  • PC becomes annoyingly sluggish and stops responding.
  • The framework freezes or hangs every now and then.
  • You can’t launch the product on the framework.
  • Windows stop responding to the inputs provided by the mouse or keyboard.

If you see these symptoms on your screen, it means it is high time that you need to implement the solutions to get rid of error code 190.

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How To Fix TurboTax Error 190?

Now that we know the possible reasons behind this error, implementing suitable solutions can help in the error resolution. Before getting started, you need to free up some space from your device.

To do so, you need to remove all the unnecessary files that are piled up, consuming additional memory space. Also, remove the cookies and cache from your system. By doing so, you can allow the program to run smoothly. Once done, perform the below-given solutions with the utmost care and attention:

1.TurboTax Software needs to be Relaunched

First things first, relaunch the TurboTax application to fix the problem. Kindly follow the below-mentioned steps for relaunching:

  • In the first place, hit the “Start a New Return” button.
  • Choose the “Taxes” tab of the report.
  • Download and save the report.
  • Shut down the TurboTax program.
  • Relaunch the software.
  • Check if the error is fixed by opening the file.

If the error persists, then move to the next solution and try the described steps.

2. Run Disk Clean Up

Make sure to free some space on your hard drive to clear the error from the software.

  • Prepare a backup of the files and keep space on your hard drive
  • Now clean the cache and restart your computer
  • Once the computer gets restarted, do a Disk Cleanup in order to clear space on your system.

The steps required to do the needful are mentioned below:-

1. Click on the right side of the disk.
2. Scroll down and click on Properties. A new window will appear on your system
3. Now select the Disk Cleanup option. The entire process may take some time its successful completion.

All these steps help you to successfully fill your tax returns. I would also like to share a few tips so that you can avoid e- file rejections. Let me tell you that the Internal Revenue Service can reject your e- filing due to various reasons. However, if you consider a few basic steps, you might be able to escape rejections.

All About E-file

Instead of mailing, E- file your returns as it has numerous benefits like receiving your refunds quickly.

1. SSN Taxpayer Mismatching

When you e-file, the IRS checks your name with your Social security number (SSN) on the form. They check whether it matches or not. Hence, you should always check for typo errors and avoid them. Also, one needs to ensure that if you are filing a joint return, then the SSN you report should be for the primary taxpayer.

Furthermore, mismatch also happens because of name changes due to marriage. Therefore in a situation like this, one needs to inform the Social Security Administration to get your SSN reassigned to your updated name. However, if you are unable to do that, just use your old name to avoid rejection.

2. Dependent Information Incorrect

At the time of claiming dependents on your tax form, it is mandatory that their full name matches the ssn, which is done by comparing the information to IRS master files. If it is not the same, your e- filing will get rejected.

Final Words!

These are a few tips that can work wonders to fix the TurboTax error 190. You can enhance the efficiency of your tax filing by following the above-mentioned steps and making the error resolution smooth sailing. However,  If you ever see TurboTax error 190 on your system, you can follow this simple guide to fix the problem and file the tax.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What Are The Benefits of Using TurboTax application? 

A. TurboTax is a very efficient tax filing and management application. You can import your information from the last year’s tax return and save time and effort in tax filing. Besides, you can also snap a picture of your W-2 or 1099-NEC, and it will arrange your information in the right places.

Q2. What are the other ways through which you can connect with the TurboTax professionals?

A. The TurboTax professionals can get in contact with you through several means. On their official website, you can get in contact with them via their toll-free hotline and chat. They have social media as well. On social media, the professionals are available on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. There professional team, will respond to your queries ASAP.

Q.3 What to do if I get stuck performing TurboTax Troubleshooting?

A. When you are feeling that you are stuck following the troubleshooting methods, simply visit their official website where you can contact them through the ways mentioned in the question number 2.

Q4. Do TurboTax experts charge for the error assistance?

A. Yes you will be charged for the assistance you get from the team of professionals that are expert in tackling TurboTax errors. They have various plans to assist you with the error issue arising in the system. Debit Card and Credit Cards are accepted as a payment methods.

Q5. How Can I Prevent TurboTax error 190 from taking place?

A. Prevention is better than cure, and you can prevent error code 190 in TurboTax by keeping your memory free and not piling it up with lots of unnecessary files and data. Besides, checking up on viruses or malware infections regularly can also help you in keeping the error code at bay.

Q6. What Is The Error Message Related To TurboTax Error 190? 

A. When the error occurs, it gives a warning message on your screen, which reads:

“The tax return you are attempting to load contains one or more state tax forms that are not installed on this machine. Please install state(s): to continue.”

The error message is an indication that it is time to perform the troubleshooting for the existing error code.

Q.7 What to do if no solution can fix the error 190 in TurboTax? 

A. If none of the above-explained solutions can bring luck to the troubleshooting of the error, you still have the option to connect with a TurboTax and explain your issues. They will respond to your queries based on the error description.

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