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QuickBooks 2019 Desktop Services Discontinuation Policy May 31st, 2022

QuickBooks 2019 Desktop Services Discontinuation Policy May 31st, 2022
Mar 25, 2022   |   By admin

When a QuickBooks Desktop Edition is Discontinued, you may not be able to get live chat support, online banking, and some other crucial services. It can be a perplexing subject for many users. The schedule for the QuickBooks Desktop 2019 is already out. If you are navigating through the Internet to get more information on QuickBooks Desktop Service Discontinuation Policy May 31st, 2022, this friendly post has got you covered.

What Does QuickBooks Desktop Discontinuation Policy Mean?

QuickBooks Desktop Discontinuation takes place from time to time. According to this Intuit policy, some add-on services become inaccessible to the users after the discontinuation of a QuickBooks product. These services may include, payroll service in QuickBooks, live for varied issues in the program, online banking and backup of the program. However, access to the discontinued version of the program will not be hindered and you may still use it for managing your day-to-day business accounting.

Furthermore, you won’t be able to Download the security patches or updates. These updates are crucial for secure business accounting. Besides, you may not be able to get assisted with some annoying issues in the program. For instance, if you have lost your password and want help in retrieving it, there is no assurance that you will get help in the hours of the need. To ensure a secure and efficient accounting with QuickBooks Desktop 2019, you can switch to a newer version of the program.

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Services That Will Be Affected by The Discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop 2019

Now that you know what is QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Discontinuation Policy, below are the services that will be affected by it:

Accountant Copy Transfer Service :- Accountant copy of your data file lets accountants make changes in the file without interrupting your work in QuickBooks Desktop 2019. Accountant copy transfer service helps you share an accountant copy of your company file through Intuit’s secure servers. After the discontinuation of a QuickBooks product, you may not be able to utilize this service for your file sharing.

Contributed Reports :- QuickBooks offers a visual Report Centre that summarizes all the reports in the program. In this Report Centre, there is a Contributed tab, which enables users to access several custom-defined reports created by other QuickBooks users. If you will use a QuickBooks Desktop 2019 product after its discontinuation, the contributed reports section will become inaccessible.

Inbuilt Data Protect :- Intuit Data Protect is a subscription-based service that helps QuickBooks users protect their data from any kind of loss or disruption caused due to a virus attack, theft, fire corruption and various other reasons. This service keeps a backup of your accounting data once a day, every single day. The backup process is fully automated that keeps a backup of your company file to an offsite location daily.

Multi-currency/Exchange Rate  :-In QuickBooks, you can turn on multicurrency, which enables you to use exchange rates from IHS Markit or your own exchange rates for foreign currency transactions. Furthermore, you can also set up your own rates and use them for one or more transactions. After the discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop 2019, you may not be able to use this feature from within the software.

Online Banking  :- Online banking in your QuickBooks Desktop enables you to manage your bank feeds and reconcile accounts. You can add and edit your bank deposits. Also, you can add, categorize, and manage your bank transactions. Furthermore, using this feature lets you sync your bank account and reconcile it with QuickBooks. This add-on service will also be discontinued the discontinuation of the product.

QuickBooks Time  :- QuickBooks time is a time tracking utility in the program that helps users to share their location data when they are on the clock. It does not save GPS Points for users when they are off the clock.

QuickBooks Payroll Services :- In QuickBooks desktop software, you can set up payroll to run automatically and manage your day-to-day payroll efficiently. Besides, you can get your payroll tax filing and payment done using this service and save yourself from the tax penalties. Additionally, with the direct deposit feature in QuickBooks, you can pay your employees with the utmost ease.

What Is the Intuit’s Motive Behind Discontinuing A Product?

Discontinuing a product helps Intuit to improve its services to the newer versions of the QuickBooks 2019 Desktop software. Besides, you can continue working with a discontinued version of the QuickBooks Desktop if you want. However, access to the add-on features will also be discontinued along according to the QuickBooks 2019 Desktop Discontinuation Policy.

Are QuickBooks Upgrades Free?

In QuickBooks, there are updates and upgrades. QuickBooks releases updates 2022 on a regular basis to resolve the existing issues in the program and improves the program features. QuickBooks updates are free to download. On the other hand, QuickBooks 2019 Desktop upgrades your old version to new QuickBooks Latest Version 2022 have whole new features made accessible to the users. Upgrades need to be purchased you have a monthly or annual subscription with QuickBooks 2019 Desktop.

Do I Need to Upgrade My Company File After Upgrading QuickBooks?

On upgrading QuickBooks 2019 to a newer version, you also need to upgrade your company file. You need to do it once. However, on switching to a different edition of the QuickBooks 2019 Desktop, such as Pro, Premier or Enterprise, you don’t need to upgrade your company file. Upgrading QuickBooks helps after the product discontinuation according to the QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Discontinuation Policy. For more information visit :-

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