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How Do I Fix QuickBooks Error 103?

How Do I Fix QuickBooks Error 103?
Jul 27, 2022   |   By admin

Errors in QuickBooks are very common. People use this software to supervise their personal as well as company accounts. The application comes in two versions: Desktop and Online, and both of them have a large number of features available. In addition to that, the developers have also added different modes to make its usage easier. Individuals using QuickBooks can go for single-user mode, while a team can switch it to multi-user mode.

When we talk about its problems, QuickBooks error 103 is an error code that only QuickBooks Online version users encounter. This issue means that you forgot to add your banking login details in the QuickBooks application. This can result in a decline in the login request from your bank. This eventually will prevent you from logging into your QuickBooks account and working on the same.
In this blog, we will discuss the core causes for the same, and we will also see how you yourself can fix it without any technical knowledge or additional help.

Causes Behind QuickBooks Error 103

It is needed to first understand the root cause of the problem to resolve it. Check out below to know about them:

  • This can happen if you have entered the wrong credentials on your QuickBooks login page.
  • When you choose an incorrect financial institution.
  • In case you fail to update your correct login address and password in QuickBooks software.

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Troubleshooting Solutions To QuickBooks Error 103

Now that we know the cause, you can use the following troubleshooting solutions to fix these problems.

Troubleshoot 1: Check If Your Credentials Are Right

People often end up putting in wrong, incorrect login email addresses and passwords. This can prevent you from logging into your QuickBooks account. Make sure instead of copying the credentials from somewhere; you type them yourself. What happens when you paste them is you copy the space as well as the same case. Now, since ID and password are case sensitive, that can create an error.

Troubleshoot 2: Disconnect the Current Account

There is a chance that your existing account is creating the issue. Disconnecting the same will help you overcome QuickBooks error 103

  • Firstly, open the QuickBooks login website on your desktop.
  • Here, locate the Transaction tab and open the list of options.
  • From there, you need to click on Banking.
  • Thereafter, you will find your account details here.
  • Click on the one that you want to disconnect
  • After that, tap on the Edit option and then select Edit Account Info.
  • Finally, you need to put a tick on Disconnect the account and hit the Save button.

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Troubleshoot 3: Put Bank Account Details In QuickBooks

Since that is the reason why you are unable to open your account, you must note and enter the same on your QuickBooks login page.

Update Existing Connection

  • Open QuickBooks on your browser and locate the Banking option.
  • It would be available on the top left side of the page.
  • Next, from the available options under that list, hit the Bank or Credit Card details that you want to update.
  • After that, select Edit and then click on Edit Sign-In Info.
  • Here, make sure that you do not go along the automated ID. Instead, manually type in your bank account email address and password.
  • Finally, hit the Update option to save the changes you made.

Update New Connection

  • Again, go to the QuickBooks Bank option from its Menu bar.
  • Here, go to Connect Account if you are connecting the new account for the first time. Otherwise, select Link Account if you have your bank account already updated once.
  • Now, in the given space, put in your bank web address. This would be the one that you use to open the website of your bank.
  • In addition to that, also put in the name of the bank that you have your account in.
  • To select the bank, scroll through the list.
  • Finally, hit the Enter key on your keyboard to save the update.

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Troubleshoot 4: Clear Browser Cache

Since QuickBooks error 103 appears on its Online version, there are possibilities that this is happening because of all the cache in your browser. You can clear it with the help of the following steps:

  • First, open the web browser you use to open the application on your system.
  • Now, click on the three vertical dots to go to the browser settings.
  • Thereafter, select the three vertical lines and hit Privacy and Security from the list.
  • On this window, locate Clear browsing History and tap on the same.
  • Next, in the prompt window, mark all the options, including Cache, Browsing History, and Hosted app data.
  • Finally, hit Clear Browsing Data and restart your web browser.

Troubleshoot 5: Remove Pop-Up Restrictions

If your browser settings do not allow pop-ups to appear on your screen, then this can be another reason for error 103 QuickBooks.

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Google Chrome

  • Initially, you need to run Google Chrome on your PC.
  • Then tap on the three dots and open Settings.
  • Here, you will find the Privacy and Security option on the list available on the left side of the page.
  • Once you are at that window, look for Site Settings and then select Pop-ups and Redirects under the Content section.
  • Now, if the pop-up settings are blocked, change it and hit the Enter key to save the edits.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Head to the Mozilla Firefox application from the Start menu on your system.
  • First, you need to click on the Options tab here.
  • In this window, go to Content from the list on the left.
  • There, you will pee the Pop-Up option and a tick-mark before Block pop-up window.
  • Now, either you click on Exceptions, paste the QuickBooks URL, and hit Allow or remove the tick altogether.
  • Finally, tap on Save Changes, and you are good to go.

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Troubleshoot 6: Add New User On Chrome

If nothing has helped you in fixing QuickBooks error 103, then try using the application on a new Chrome account.

  • Open Chrome on your system and wait for the homepage to load.
  • Now, firstly, go to the Profile tab available beside the Puzzle icon on the Search bar.
  • Here, at the bottom, you will see the +Add option.
  • Thereafter, a new window will open before you.
  • Next, put in your email address and password to add the new account.
  • If you do not have another email address, you can even create one from here.

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Troubleshooting Solution To QuickBooks Error 103 For Self-Employed

For people who are self-employed and are irked with QuickBooks error 103, here is a fix that you can try to manage it:

  • When the error pop-up appears on your computer screen, click on the Reconnect button right there.
  • Now, remember that you must put in your login credentials by yourself.
  • Thereafter, click on the Update Sign-In Info tab.
  • Next, you need to verify your bank connection. Go along the following steps to do so:
  • Go to the official site of your bank and copy the URL from its homepage. You are going to need it for the verification.
  • Here, you need to look for a bank with the help of the same URL. You need to make sure that you try every result that is possible to eliminate URL strings.
  • Now, sign in to your bank account from the official website and look out for third-party access.
  • To do so, go to the Self Service option, and after that, select Security Center.
  • Otherwise, click on Business Tools and tap on Manage Security. Lastly, you need to look for Third Party Access.

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Final Statement

Users of QuickBooks Online have many benefits, such as they can log in and use their accounts at any time from anywhere. However, with pros come cons, and here we talked about one of them. Out of many QB errors, we here discussed QuickBooks error 103. We have here put together a complete guide for you on the same. You must have understood the reasons behind this error code and also how you can resolve it. Since the main reason behind this is with the login credentials and your account details, those two are the main ones to focus on.

We have provided you with seven troubleshoots overall. However, if you are still unable to overcome the problem, then you have us. We have a team of experts who work around the clock to provide assistance to our clients. To get through them, you can give us a call on our customer services number or send us an email. Make sure you put in the details of your query and your contact number clearly. This way, we will be able to get back to you easily with the best solutions.

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Frequently Asked Question

Quick books Error 103 is an issue that arises when you forget to put up your login credentials in Quick book software, automatically preventing login into your Quick book account. Due to this error, there surely will come up a decline from your bank in the login process.

There are many possibilities of happening this Quick book Error 103, which all need to explain here:

  1. It can emerge because you put the wrong credentials or details on the login page of the Quick book.
  2. When you put the right details but, on the other hand, choose the wrong financial institution.
  3. When your internet browser configuration is missing.
  4. Sometimes, it can be caused by the .MSI file containing some bugs.
  5. Another reason for the same is an absence of a cookie.

You can either take a professional guide to deal with the Quick book error 103 or consider getting in touch with experienced experts by calling a toll-free number so that the issue can be resolved instantly.

Given steps should be followed to solve error 103 arising in your Quick book account:

  1. You must click on Banking on the left menu and select the add account option.
  2. You can either put the bank’s full name or URL in the search bar.
  3. In case many results are coming up, choose one of those banks from the appearing list.
  4. Put your User Id and password.
  5. If the same error 103 pops up, then Go back and choose another bank out of the list.
  6. Repeat this process until and unless you find the right bank connected to Quick books.

You need to update your login details on Quick books so that it doesn’t affect your banking access. Otherwise, it can get locked.

It is neither costly nor difficult, and you can easily consider a guide so that they can provide you with the solution right away, and there are only some bare minimum charges they get from you. Eventually, they only charge you in comparison to the services they offer.

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