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QuickBooks Error 12038: Causes and How To Resolve It?

QuickBooks Error 12038
Jan 21, 2023   |   By admin

QuickBooks is one of the most common accounting software, which has gained popularity among small and medium business enterprises, especially new startups. The reason for its extensive user base is the fact that it is easy and convenient to use. However, the user may sometime have to deal with some issues while running the software. QuickBooks error 12038 is one of the common issues in the program that can occur while updating the software. Here, we will discuss various possible causes for this error and how to resolve QuickBooks error code 12038.

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What is Error 12038 in QuickBooks?

When downloading the program update, you may get an error message on your screen with the warning text –

QuickBooks Error 12038: Failed to download the update.

The error message shows an error with the download process of the latest QuickBooks update. There are multiple factors responsible for the arrival of the error. Some of the main reasons behind the error code 12038 in QuickBooks are explained in the next section.

Why Am I Seeing QuickBooks Update Error?

In order to deal with QuickBooks error 12038, we first have to know the root cause of it. Here, we have discussed various possible reasons that can lead to QuickBooks update errors, which are listed below:

  • Inaccurate Date and Time: While installing the latest update of QuickBooks, there might be a slight possibility that your system has an incorrect date and time. This inaccuracy can create hindrances while updating the software.
  • Internet Connectivity: Another possible reason that can cause QuickBooks error 12038 is the issue with the internet connectivity. Thus you need to make sure that you have a stable high-speed connection.
  • Blocked by firewall security: Sometimes, while trying to access the QuickBooks website, there might be possible that the services are blocked from the user side by the Firewall.
  • More than one version of the software: The user sometimes downloads multiple copies of the QuickBooks software, because of which you will be unable to update the software.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Desktop Update Error 12038

To determine error code 12038, you can keep an eye on the following symptoms:

  • The update process will be obstructed in the middle.
  • QuickBooks error message 12038 will show up on your screen.
  • Windows will become sluggish and respond slowly to the mouse or keyboard inputs.
  • Several issues related to the program’s performance can also be experienced.

Precautions to be taken Before Solving QuickBooks Error 12038:

With various possible causes for error 12038 in mind, we can easily find possible ways to resolve the issue. But before that, we need to take some precautions while solving the error:

  • Make a backup of your company data: Before you make any changes to the QuickBooks software in your system, make sure that you have a backup of your files cause there might be a chance that the data will be deleted while updating the software.
  • Grant permission to the software to make changes to your system: Whenever you update QuickBooks in your system, make sure that you have switched off safety controls, as they might also block QuickBooks.
  • High-Speed Connection: While downloading the software, make sure you do have a good connection, or in technical terms, your internet speed should not be below 30kbps.
  • Remove additional download booster: While updating QuickBooks, make sure you uninstall any download accelerator.

Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Error 12038

Now that you know all the precautions and causes that can lead to QuickBooks error, here are various solutions for each and every cause listed below:

1: Adjust the Date and Time

Make sure that your system has the correct date and time setting. If not, you need to follow the below-given steps:

  • Click the window button and write “date and time” in the search box and click on the tab for “Date and time setting.”
  • Click on the option for changing the date and time and make the required changes.
  • After changing the date and time, close every window, refresh the system and reopen QuickBooks and start updating it.
2: Fix Your Internet Connection

To download the latest updates, you need to ensure that your computer is connected to a strong network connection. To check:

  • For this issue, you need to open QuickBooks and click on the help icon.
  • In the help menu, you need to click the tab for an internet connection.
  • There will be a tab marked “Use my computer internet connection setting to establish a connection when this application access the internet”. Click on this tab.
  • Click on the advance setting, “restore advance setting,” and “OK.”

Managing Firewall Setting

While dealing with QuickBooks error 12038, you need to open firewall settings. If the erroneous configuration of the Windows Firewall is preventing QuickBooks from connecting to the Internet, you need to configure the settings correctly to allow the update process. After setting up the Firewall, try to update QuickBooks again. Check if the error 12038 is resolved or not.

Ending Words!

This post elaborates on how to fix QuickBooks error code 12038 by implementing the relevant solutions. However, if you are facing any kind of technical unease in resolving the issue, our fast technical assistance is available around the clock. You can connect with our helpdesk by chatting with one of our experts to get the error resolved.

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