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How to Fix Sage 300 Error 49153

Sage 300 Error 49153
Nov 03, 2022   |   By admin

Sage 300 application is an extensively and widely used application in the accounting business. While using this application, a lot of the time, many errors creep in. Sage 300 error 49153 is one such error that users often encounter. Encountering Sage 300 error 49153 is one of these commonly encountered errors.

When this issue arises, you should understand that the Sage application has failed to establish any connection with the database. In case you are facing this error constantly, you should look for a permanent solution for this otherwise it would hamper your daily productivity. To help you out, we have this blog for you that encompasses all you need to know about dealing with Sage 300 error 49153.

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What Exactly is Sage 300 Error 49153?

When you are faced with this error, an error message displays on the screen saying “Sage 300 ERP- cannot access database error 49153”. This is a Sage database error and occurs when your Sage application fails to make a connection with the database. Generally speaking, users encounter these errors when you log in to the account or try opening the Sage 300 company file. If that indeed is the case, then you should report it immediately so that the administrator can review whether the database is accessible or not.

Possible Reasons of Sage 300 Error 49153

As mentioned earlier, Sage 300 error 49153 shows up when the connection fails to establish. However, there might be other reasons because of which the software is failing to connect to the database. Following are some of the reasons that cause this particular error;

  1. The first and the foremost reason could be that the application displays an invalid server name.
  2. Another reason for this could be that the database is probably offline.
  3. Some issue with the database client version could also be causing this.
  4. SQL database connection being invalid could also be a cause behind this.
  5. A Windows Firewall could also be blocking the Sage 300 application.
  6. The DNS server is not able to migrate from one IP address to another.

Listed above are some of the reasons because of which you encounter Sage 300 error 49153. In the following section, we will now talk about how to resolve Sage 300 error 49153.

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How to Fix Sage 300 Error 49153?

In order to fix Sage 300 Error 49153, you can execute a number of different troubleshooting solutions. For example, you can examine the database connection, check this particular software on other systems, check the SQL server and verify the ODBC settings. Now, let us understand the various troubleshooting methods that can help resolve Sage Error 49153.

Solution 1: Examine the Database Connection Error by Logging into Sage

One significant way to resolve Sage 300 error 49153 is by verifying whether the database connection error is specific to one database or to all the databases. For doing so, you need to view the Sage DBSETUP utility which contains the information about all the relevant databases associated with Sage software. In order to do this, you would need to follow the below-given steps;

  1. Firstly, press the Start button.
  2. Secondly, select a program.
  3. Thirdly, choose the Sage version depending upon the one you are using.
  4. Subsequently, select the Database Setup option.
  5. Furthermore, sign into it with the proper login credentials such as your User ID and password.
  6. Consequently, click on the OK button.
  7. Now, you would be able to view all the setup profiles for all the Sage applications.
  8. Thereafter, double-clicking on the profile icon will let you view all the properties.
  9. After performing these steps, you will notice that the error no longer persists. Due to the above steps, Sage is now able to connect to the Sage company-connected databases.
  10. Lastly, click on OK and try running Sage again. If you still get an error message, then try adjusting your settings and make the necessary changes.

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Solution 2: Ask others if they are Receiving the Same Error

In this particular method, you need to ask the other users of Sage 300 whether or not they are receiving the same error. If they indeed are receiving the same error, then it means that the problem is with your database server. Next, you should try launching the application on another computer. Sometimes, your application doesn’t work well with the system or other hardware problems. If your software is working fine on another computer, it means that the problem is with your device itself. To check this problem, you should move forward to the next solution which would give you ways using which you can confirm that your database is running.

Solution 3: Examine the database server using the Command Prompt

In order to check the database server, you need to visit the server console and help verify the server status. Given below are the steps using which you can execute this step;

  1. Firstly, click on the Start button.
  2. Secondly, in the search bar, type the command prompt.
  3. Thereafter, hit the Enter key.
  4. Furthermore, as soon as you see the Command Prompt window, you need to start typing the following “ping database server name”.
  5. Further, press the Enter key.
  6. If you get a pop-up saying “Ping request could not find host sql2016. Please check the name and try again”, this would mean that the server is because of this error.
Solution 4: Verify the SQL Server

Executing the command in order to check the SQL server involves the following steps;

  1. First things first, click on the Start button.
  2. Thereafter, in the Search bar, type “services.msc”.
  3. Furthermore, press the Enter key.
  4. After that, check for the SQL server.
  5. In case the status does not initiate, you need to click right on the “Name” option and then hit on the Start button.
  6. After performing the above steps, you can try logging into the Sage 300 application. If you fail again, you should follow the next methods.
Solution 5: Initiate the ODBC Settings

In case, none of the other methods work, then try changing the ODBC settings. We will first examine the ODBC settings and then check the database connectivity from the Control Panel.

a.) Verify the ODBC settings

  1. Firstly, launch the run box by pressing the Windows and R keys together.
  2. Fill in “%WinDir%\system64\odbcad64.exe” in the search button.
  3. Thereafter, press on the Enter key.
  4. Furthermore, click on the server name in the “ODBC data source administrator” window.

b.) Fixing the problem

  1. First, access the “Sage Database Setup” and the “System database profiles”.
  2. Furthermore, verify which login id, server name, database name, data source, etc are set.
  3. Thereafter, open the Control Panel.
  4. Subsequently, access the “Administrative Tools”.
  5. Consequently, move on to the “data sources(ODBC)”.
  6. After that, open up the 32-bit version “ODBC data source administrator”.
  7. Furthermore, locate the data source or the server name.
  8. Subsequently, enter the login credentials such as ID and password for the “SQL authentication”.
  9. Ensure that the settings are default and remain so.
  10. Lastly, using the DSN, examine your database connectivity.

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Summing Up

Truth be told, the Sage 300 error 49153 is not that hard a problem to get rid of. All you need to do is check the various aspects of the database connection or the SQL server. Above, we have talked about these different methods using which you can easily fix Sage 300 error 49153. However, it might happen that even after following these steps you are unable to resolve Sage 300 error 49153. In such a case, you should seek professional help. You can always get in touch with us for any assistance. Ours is a team of expert professionals who are adept at resolving such issues. Feel free to get in touch with us through call, chat or email. Our email address is

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