How to Tackle Sage 50 Not Responding Error?

How to Tackle Sage 50 Not Responding Error?

There are few issues that can be resolved easily but you must have a bit of technical knowledge about it. There is also an issue you might have faced “Sage 50 Not Responding” showing on your screen after opening it. When you are unable to access Sage accounting Software, it is the day going downright frustrating. Then, you may move to Sage support team with Sage phone number to tackle this error immediately.

What are the Symptoms of Sage Working/Not Working?

There are a few symptoms that you have faced while working or installing Sage 50 Software for Accounting purposes. Few of these are mentioned below.

  • Sudden freezing of Sage Software while opening or working on it
  • Unresponded Messages Appeared on Windows Task Manager While Working with Sage 50 Software
  • In case of installing Sage 50, Not Responsive message is appearing on your Computer Screen
  • Unresponsive Status of Sage 50 Software while creating data backup from the network drive

What Might Be The Reason Behind Sage 50 Not Responding Software?

You might have noticed most probably four reasons behind Sage 50 Not Responding Error. Sometimes, knowing the right cause behind the sudden unresponsive nature of Sage 50 Software can make your task easier.

  • Enabling the Compatibility of Windows XP, Sage 50 might have stopped connecting with Windows.
  • Your Computer RAM might have no space to install Sage 50 Software
  • Whenever, you run the program on a slow server or network it might not respond and work improperly.
  • It happens when you are trying to do two tasks simultaneously i.e. Taking back-up from the network and running the program. Windows will receive hindered response from programs and depicts a “Not Responding” message on your Computer Screen.

There can be more reasons behind the occurrence of such type of error, then you have to contact Sage 50 Support Number to fix this issue quickly.

What are the Methods to Resolve Sage 50 Not Responding Error?

There are four methods through which such issues can troubleshoot easily.

Disable Compatibility Windows XP Mode

  • Move to Desktop and click on the Sage 50 icon
  • Click on Properties after entering Menu
  • Choose Compatibility Tab Available in Window
  • Tap option Run this program in compatibility mode for to deselect
  • Submit it

Run Sage 50 As An Admin

  • Go to Desktop and Open Sage 50 icon
  • Move to Menu and then Select Properties
  • Look Out Compatibility Tab Available at Window
  • Tap option Run this Admin to deselect
  • Submit

If Sage 50 Not Responding Error is not tackled after following the above process, then move on to the third procedure.

Reboot Computer System After Saving File On Computer Drive

  • If you are facing a Network issue, then first save your file and take its back up and copy and paste it in a drive
  • Confirm the file size if the backup is failed to download the file due to slow network
  • Once you logged out of your Computer System, then reboot the Server to get full network
  • If the problem lies in-network, then reboot the router.

Start the Connection Service Management Once Again

  • Move to Desktop and tap the Windows button Again
  • Search for MSC on the Search Bar of Start Menu
  • MSC will soon appear on your screen. Move to Name Column, search Sage 50 Connection Manager, and tap it with a right-click
  • Select option Restart from Dialogue Box

The above methods will provide you complete methods to resolve this issue of Sage 50 Not Responding and if you are facing any difficulty in following these steps, then contact Sage 50 customer care number. If this is not tackled up to the mark you require, then contact Sage 50 Technical Team immediately.