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A Complete Tutorial on How to Set-up a QuickBooks Workforce

Set up a QuickBooks Workforce
Nov 04, 2022   |   By admin

QuickBooks Workforce is a tool or functionality that lets employees get complete details about their pay slips, stubs, or W-2 form and print them. The employers send the mail to their employees letting them know to check their pay stubs and W-2 form online. However, if you are searching for detailed instructions for QuickBooks Workforce login or to set up a QuickBooks Workforce account, stick to this blog till the end.

Prerequisites Required Before You Set up Intuit QuickBooks Workforce

Before setting up a QuickBooks Workforce, you are required to keep a few things in mind. To get you aware of all of them, we have mentioned some of them below:

  1. If you have already generated a QuickBooks Workforce account, you still have the choice to accept an invitation from a new employer. You can assign the same email address for your new account that you already use for the QuickBooks Workforce account.
  2. The QuickBooks Online users must prepare a separate email address for their QuickBooks workforce account.
  3. The most important tip is that you must utilize your work email address for QBO and your personal email for a Workforce.
  4. There might be certain instances when the employer has to resend the invite to his employee. In that scenario, the employee needs to acknowledge the recently sent email invitation.

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Stepwise Instructions to Set up a QuickBooks Workforce

If you are fed up with searching for the proper instructions to set up a QuickBooks Workforce? Well, in that case, your search ends here. Below we have discussed some of the simple steps using which you can easily set up a QuickBooks workforce. Check them out.

Step 1: Give Consent to the Invitation Received from your Employer

If you want to look at your paychecks and W-2s, you need to acknowledge your employer’s invitation.

Note:- You must remember that the received invitation is valid only for up to 30 days. If you haven’t given consent to the employer for 30 days, then your employer has to send a new invite to its employee.

1. You need to search for an email with the subject indicating: “[Business Name] has invited you to view your pay stubs online”. However, if you can’t find your invite, then you have to check your spam folder. Else you may also inform your employer regarding the same.
2. After this, open the email on your system and then tap on the Create Account or Sign In to accept the invitation sent by your employer.
3. Following this, generate an Intuit account if you haven’t created it yet. Whereas if you already have an Intuit account such as QuickBooks Workforce, TurboTax or Mint account. Then, log in to your account with the appropriate email address and password.

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Step 2: Enter Your Personal Information (If Available)

If you are a new employee, you must add some personal details. To add all those details, you will receive an email. In that email, you are required to enter all your personal details so that they can get you paid easily. Also, this information is required to set up the employee. The users must perform the following steps to receive the payment on time.

  1. Initially, you are required to open your email linked with the Intuit account.
  2. After this, tap on the “Get Set up” or “Complete Set Up Now” option.
  3. Now, you have to add all the mandatory information within the required text field, such as personal details, bank account, and W-
  4. Consequently, a bank account will appear where your employer opts while paying through direct deposit.
  5. Cross-check all the information that you have entered, and then log in for your W-4 form.
  6. Proceeding further, tap on the Save or Submit button.
  7. Once you have entered all the details, your personal details are automatically saved, and your employer can view them.
  8. If you want to make any changes, then you must inform your employer regarding the same.
Step 3: Activate the Notifications for New Pay Stubs

You will receive an email reminder whence the new pay stubs are launched. Therefore, to set up the features of the new paystubs, you are required to perform the steps as listed below:

  1. Visit the official website of QuickBooks Workforce Intuit by entering the URL into your browser’s address bar.
  2. After this, choose the Settings option followed by Email Notification.
  3. Finally, you must opt for the option “Send me an email when new pay stubs are available.

Steps to Check Your Pay Stubs, Time off, and Year-to-Date Pay in QuickBooks Workforce

Once the employee has accepted the email received from the employer, and they have set up the QuickBooks WorkForce account, you can review your paychecks. Also, you can look at your time off balances and the total pay for the year.

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• Grab Your Pay Stubs
  1. Ensure that you have signed into your QuickBooks Workforce account. If not, then firstly you have to generate a Workforce account from the official website of Intuit.
  2. After this, opt for the Paychecks option and pick the data range as per your choice. By choosing the data range, you can have a look at numerous paychecks available up to one year at a time.
  3. Now, to get your paychecks, perform any of the following steps.
  • You are required to click on the Download button next to the paystub that you wish to download on your system.
  • Opt for the pay stub so that you can easily view, download or print it.
  • If you wish to download all of the paychecks together at the same time, click on the Download All button.
• View Your Time off and Year-to-Date Pay

Your Paychecks reflect all the information that is necessary for the employee. By clicking on the Available Time Off, you can look at your sick leaves and other available time balances. Then, by choosing the Year-to-Date option, you can gain information regarding your year-to-date gross, net pay, withholdings, and deductions.

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• Steps to Verify pay info that Appears Wrong or Taxes are 0.00

You are required to verify whether the payment is correct or not. The users might also check whether one or more of your taxes is represented as 0.00. If that’s the case, then it’s normal, and you perform the steps listed below.

1. The state and federal income tax may be represented as 0.00 , if the gross wage of an employee is too low. It is also seen when you have claimed for the exemption on the W-4 or state form.
2. Other taxes have some wage limits. If you meet the minimum wage limit within the calendar year, it will stop computing the tax until 1 January.

Steps to View and Print your W-2s Form

Once the employer has invited his employee and you have set up a QuickBooks Workforce account, you can easily view and print the W-2s form. Moreover, you can also choose an option to obtain a paper copy mailed to you.

• Instructions to Acquire W-2s

You can have a look at the W-2s copies B, C and 2 from the W-2 menu itself. The employee can receive the latest W-2s form until January 1. On the other hand, you can obtain the historical W-2s form up to the last three years.

For additional security, you must verify your mobile number or personal details before viewing your W-2s form. Below we have listed some of the simple steps using which you can easily print your W-2s form.

1. Initially, you need to login into the official website of QuickBooks WorkForce Intuit using the “” URL.
2. Move to the W-2 menu and then pick the W-2 copy that you wish to download or print as per your choice.
3. In the end, you can print the W-2s form.

Note: It is necessary that you must receive your W-2s form via mail in early February. If you haven’t got the form until Feb, then you must consult with your employer regarding the same.

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• Instructions to get W-2s form Paperless (If Available)

If you don’t want to receive W-2s form in your mail, you will be able to opt out. This option is optional and is available in a few of the payroll services. In other words, this option is available as per the payroll service that the employee uses. For this, you have to follow the steps listed below to get form W-2s paperless.

1. In the initial stage, move to the W-2 menu.
2. Thereafter, opt for the “Go Paperless” option from the Ditch the snail mail ! Get Paperless W-2s.
3. Following this, choose the W-2s delivery option and then hit the Save option.
4. Go through the W-2 consent notice and click on the Save and Accept option.

Ending Note

The information provided in this post would be enough to set up a QuickBooks Workforce account. If you still encounter any issues while setting up the account, consult with our QuickBooks professionals. You can communicate with our experts anytime at your convenience through email or a live chat facility.

Frequently Asked Question

Sometimes the employees cannot receive the pay stubs in QuickBooks when their employer hasn’t uploaded the past paychecks. Also, it occurs if the employer has already switched their payroll services. This issue usually occurs at the start of the new year, due to which you can’t get the pay stubs of the last year.

To run the QuickBooks Workforce service, the users need not pay anything extra. You can get this functionality by purchasing the basic or enhanced version of QuickBooks Desktop. But you must ensure that you are using the correct Intuit services to log in to Workforce easily.

Yes, it is safe to access the QuickBooks Workforce services because it consists of two-factor authentication to verify your data. In other words, it provides an extra layer of security so that users can keep their payroll data safe and secure.

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