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How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 1926 With 3 Easy Solutions

QuickBooks Error Code 1926
Jan 18, 2023   |   By admin

QuickBooks keeps the user’s data safe and secure, and that’s the reason why every user doesn’t have permission to access the specific folders. Admin rights are necessary to access the business’s important files. If you are accessing the QuickBooks important files or folders without admin rights, then it can lead to QuickBooks error 1926.

QuickBooks Error Code 1926In this 10 minutes read guide, we will provide you with complete information about why a user may encounter QuickBooks error code 1926 and the possible solutions to resolve the error.

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Factors Triggering QuickBooks Error 1926

Let’s filter out some of the most common reasons due to why a user may encounter QuickBooks error code 1926 while working on the software;

  • If you have stored the QuickBooks files in a secured location on your device, it may be as the program files or core of the C drive on your PC.
  • QuickBooks folder storing the important data and files is damaged or corrupted.
  • If the permissions to access the folder need to be corrected, it can also lead to QuickBooks error 1926.
  • If a login password secures the company’s file, it can lead to QuickBooks error 1926.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 1926?

After having a clear knowledge of the possible reasons due to the error arises, let’s take a look at the troubleshooting methods that you can execute to fix QuickBooks error 1926;

Solution 1. Run QuickBooks in Administrative Mode

If you are using the QuickBooks accounting software without administrative rights, then it can disrupt the users from performing certain actions and may even disallow access to important files. Therefore, running the QuickBooks accounting software in the administrative mode is highly suggested.

  • Firstly, close the QuickBooks desktop application on your device, and then do a right on the software icon.
  • As the menu list opens on your screen, you must click on the “Properties” option.
  • Now, the properties window will open on your device, and switch to the “Compatibility” tab option.
  • Once you are done with the above steps, then you have to click on the “Run this Software as Administrator” option.
  • Click on the “Apply” and “OK” options to save the updated changes.
Solution 2. Save QuickBooks Company File in New Folder

Another method to fix QuickBooks error code 1926 is creating an entirely new folder and allowing sufficient permissions to the folder. Even if you have stored the corporate data in a lost or damaged folder, this method can help you to fix that issue.

  • First, you must create a new folder by hitting a right click on display and selecting the “New Folder” option.
  • Thereon, ensure the folder is saved within the same directory as other folders.
  • Copy the company files and documents, and paste them into the newly created folder.
  • Here, you must ensure you have set the correct permissions to the folder to permit sharing the files.
  • Launch the QuickBooks desktop software on your workstation, and move to the “File” menu settings.
  • Moving ahead, you have to select the “Open and Restore an Enterprise” option.
  • As the drop-down menu list appears on the screen, you must select the “Open an Enterprise File” option.
  • Moving ahead, click on the “Next” option, create a folder in the new location, and choose the file for your company.
  • Followed by the above steps, click on the “Open” option.
Solution 3. Move QuickBooks Company File to Default Location

If you have saved the QuickBooks company file in a different or restricted location, it can also lead to error code 1926 in QuickBooks.

 To do that, given below are the steps that you can follow;

  • Close all the active background applications on your PC.
  • Thereon, open the file manager, and navigate to the location where you have saved the QuickBooks company’s file on your device.
  • Now, right-click on the company file, and ensure that the file extension name ends as “QBW.”
  • Select the “Copy” option, and then navigate to the default location of the QuickBooks company file, i.e., C:/ Users/ Public/ Public Documents/ Intuit/ QuickBooks/ Company Files.
    • You have to right-click and then select the “Paste” option.

You have successfully moved the QuickBooks company file to the default location. Thereon, launch the QuickBooks desktop application on your device, and check whether you can access the company file.

Still, Need Guidance?

As demonstrated above, we have covered three solutions that you can follow step-by-step to eliminate QuickBooks error code 1926. If you are facing any issues while performing the procedure, or if you need any personal assistance in dealing with any of the QuickBooks error codes, you can contact our team via Phone @ +1 855 706 0905. Our experts are available 24*7 at the help desk to understand your query and provide the best feasible solution.

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