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Pro Tips To Resolve TurboTax Error 70001 Effortlessly 

TurboTax Error 70001
Dec 15, 2022   |   By admin

Generally, users might end up with TurboTax Error 70001 when they cannot operate the application due to poor internet connectivity. Moreover, the users might also experience this issue when the Windows Firewall obstructs them from accessing the internet connection. Therefore, to resolve the issue, you must configure the internet settings to run the TurboTax software smoothly.

Keep reading this comprehensive post to the conclusion to learn how to tackle this error using simple resolution techniques.

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Reasons Why You Come Across TurboTax Error Code 70001

Before diving into the troubleshooting part, you first have to consider why you might encounter TurboTax Error 70001. Therefore, to inform you of the probable causes behind the issue, we have stated all of them below. Read the pointers given below carefully and then apply the troubleshooting method as per the cause of the error.

  1. Interruption in the internet connection is the major cause that triggers TurboTax Error 70001.
  2. Sometimes, you may see the error when you don’t have proper permissions to run TurboTax. Therefore, it is necessary to have elevated rights to launch the TurboTax.
  3. There is a possibility that Windows Firewall might stop the users from accessing the TurboTax application.
  4. A software might have removed the TurboTax-related files accidentally.

Scenarios When You Come Across TurboTax Error 70001

Whenever the user strikes TurboTax Error 70001, the users might come across any of the following instances. These signs and symptoms will help the users detect the error so they can troubleshoot it accordingly.

  1. The users might experience that Windows PC starts responding badly.
  2. On the occurrence of the error, users might notice that their system starts freezing frequently.
  3. Whenever the error pops up, it throws an error message on the computer screen.
  4. It may occur when you are not connected with the proper internet connection.

What should be done to Troubleshoot Error 70001 in TurboTax?

Once you know the probable causes behind the TurboTax Error 70001, move further with the troubleshooting part. Down below we have described some of the best possible ways to fix TurboTax Error 70001.

Procedure 1: Try Operating TurboTax With Proper Admin Privileges

Limited permissions to access the TurboTax might lead to TurboTax Error 70001. Therefore, you must use the application with admin rights to overcome the issue. Follow the steps listed below to accomplish the task.

  1. Before starting the process, ensure that your Turbotax application isn’t already open.
  2. Go to your desktop, right-click on the TurboTax icon, and hit on Run as Administrator.
  3. Select the Properties option if you cannot see the Run As Administrator option.
  4. After this, head towards the Properties tab, Compatibility, and then hit Run this program as Administrator.
  5. Finally, hit the Apply option and OK to restore the required changes.

Procedure 2: Test Your Internet Network Connectivity

As discussed above, the main cause behind the TurboTax Error 70001 is due to issues with the internet connection. Therefore, to overcome the issue, you must configure the internet settings using the instructions mentioned below.

  1. Firstly, go to the Wireless Access Point Module and try to log in twice.
  2. Then, Sign out from the Windows Account and switch off your Windows PC.
  3. After this, you need to switch off all the network hardware, including routers, cables, modems, etc. Once done, relaunch each of them one by one in the gap of 1 minute.
  4. Ensure that you have relaunched all of these devices and your computing device. Further, you must sign in to your TurboTax account using the correct login credentials.
  5. Try another troubleshooting method if you continue receiving the same error.

Procedure 3: Install TurboTax by Accessing the Selecting Startup Mode

Using the TurboTax in Selective Startup Mode will help you in fixing the error. For that, do as per the instructions stated below.

  1. Initially, turn off all your Windows programs and hit the Windows key on your keyboard.
  2. From there, launch the Run console and write “msconfig” into the search area.
  3. It will take you to the System Configuration Utility screen, where you have to choose the General tab.
  4. Following this, opt for the Selective Startup option beneath the General tab and move further.
  5. You must select the “Hide All Microsoft Services” checkbox and confirm it by clicking on the “Disable All” option.
  6. Tap on the OK button and relaunch your PC if asked.
  7. Ultimately, try to install the TurboTax once again and check whether you are still receiving the error.

Procedure 4: Check that you are accessing the updated TurboTax Version

  1. In the first step, launch the TurboTax application on your device and choose the highlighted Check For Updates option.
  2. You must shut down and open the TurboTax application again for Mac users.
  3. After this, you will receive a notification whenever new updates of TurboTax have been released. Then, you can get the latest updates as per your operating system by following the on-screen prompts.

Final Thoughts!!

We hope that you find this blog beneficial in resolving TurboTax Error 70001 instantly. However, if you still receive the error while operating the application, you must reach out to our experts directly. You can either drop a message to our professionals or chat with them live chat to obtain quick fixes for the error.

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