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DIY Steps To Fix Sage 100 Printer Not Activated Error Code 30 on Windows 10?

Sage 100 Error Code 30
Dec 27, 2022   |   By admin

Sage 100 Printer Not Activated Error Code 30 is a common issue in the program that can take place when a user tries to print TS PDF Generator. The error can also take place when emailing reports via Sage 300 CRE. There are various possible reasons that can give birth to this error code.

When the error message appears, you may not be able to run the software with its utmost efficiency, and therefore, you need to find out the best troubleshooting solutions. Where to find it? Well! You have already landed on a helpful post that can guide you through some of the most relevant troubleshooting solutions for Sage 100 Error Code 30. Let’s explore.

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What Are The Common Reasons That Can Cause Sage 100 Printer Error Code 30?

Now that you know a bit about the error knowing the possible reasons behind the error will definitely add to your understanding. Check the below-given list:

  • When you print to the TS PDF Generator instead of printing the file, an error can take place.
  • Insufficient access permissions can also bring forth Sage 100 Error Code 30 when performing a task in Sage 100.
  • Damaged installation of the TS PDF Generator; it didn’t get created during the installation procedure.
  • Accidental deletion of the crucial components can also promote the error when printing in Sage 100.
  • Check the configuration of the Printer, as a faulty configuration gives rise to the error.
  • When you have enabled the (UAC) User Account Control.
  • If your PDF Converter is utilizing outdated drivers.

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How To Eradicate The Sage 100 Printer Error Code 30?

If you are having trouble using the Sage Print Converter, it might be due to a damaged installation of the Sage 100 PDF converter. In such a case, you can reinstall it to get rid of the concerning problem. Some of the effective troubleshooting solutions to fix the error are explained in the below-listed solutions:

Solution 1: Perform the Reinstallation Steps For Sage 100 PDF Converter

A damaged or outdated driver is one of the most apparent reasons behind the error. To fix it, reinstall the Sage 100 PDF Converter by following the below-given steps:

  • In the first place, you need to open the Sage application as an administrator.
  • Next, navigate to the File menu in order to move ahead.
  • Thereafter, hit the Run button and enter “PL_AdvanceOptions_UI” in the Run box.
  • After entering the text, click the OK button.
  • Again, click the OK button to choose the default date.
  • Now click the “Install Converter” option.
  • Here, close the “Paperless Office Advanced Options” screen and check if the error is resolved.

If Sage 100 Printer Error Code 30 persists, try the next troubleshooting method.

Solution 2: Update Printer Drivers To The Latest Release

A damaged or outdated printer driver can be a possible reason behind the “Printer not activated error code 30 in Sage 100” error. Updating the printer driver can give you a sigh of relief by troubleshooting the issue. Check the below-given steps:

  • Go to your Windows computer and then open the Device and Printers option.
  • Next, select the Sage PDF Converter option to proceed further.
  • Moving ahead, click the Printer option and then select Properties.
  • Here, you need to click the Advanced tab.
  • Now hit the Amyuni Document Converter” option when on the next step.
  • Click the “Check for Update” option to determine if an update is available.

If an update is available, install it on your device by following the on-screen prompts. Now try to perform the same printing procedure that was giving the error earlier. If you are still unable to print, jump to the next troubleshooting procedure.

Solution 3: Modify Windows Registry Permissions

Incorrect access permissions in the windows registry can give rise to the sage 100 printer not activated error code 30 error. By setting up the correct permissions, you can eliminate the error. Below is how you do it:

  • First things first, select the Windows Start menu.
  • Then, click the Run option and type “Regedit” in the run box.
  • Moving ahead, find the “HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software”.
  • Now click on the Software key and select Permissions.
  • In the end, click the Full Control for Users option from the list, followed by clicking Apply button.

After setting up the permissions, reinstall the PDF converter via PL_Advanced Options_UI on your computer. After that, examine if the Sage 100 Error Code 30 is resolved. If not, you need to try the next method to fix the print error.

Solution 4: Restore Windows System To Fix Sage 100 Error Code 30

An erroneous Windows OS can be listed as one of the possible reasons behind the error code 30 in Sage 100. To fix it:

  • Reboot your Windows system in the first place.
  • After restarting, open the System Tools option.
  • Thereafter, you have to select the System Restore option.
  • When on a new screen, hit the “Restore My Computer to the Earlier State” option.
  • Now move to the next tab and mark the restore point suitable to your requirements.
  • After selecting the restore point, hit the Next button.
  • When you see a confirmation Window, confirm your selection and click the Next button.

After restoring your Windows system, open Sage 100 software and try to print PDF files from within the program.

To Sum It Up!

Now that the required steps are followed with the utmost attention, you must have resolved the Sage 100 Printer Error Code 30. However, if you find anything perplexing during the error resolution procedures, get professional help by using our chat or email contact channels. Your reliable Sage professional will help you with your struggle to fix Sage 100 error code 30.

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