How to Void a Check in QuickBooks?

How to Void a Check in QuickBooks?

Proper voiding checks play a crucial role to maintain accounting health and keep records. This procedure ensures the accuracy of financial statements. On the contrary, deleting checks reflects the same results as voiding. Additionally, it also compromises the recordkeeping and opens the door for potential fraud. It becomes harder to identify the deletion of entries and gives rise to duplicate entries in the account.

Whereas the process to avoid checking in QuickBooks makes things more accessible and convenient to work. But it is a bit tricky to tackle the voiding check written in the previous year. At this point time, you can unhesitantly reach out at QuickBooks helpline number to seek the best assistance from a highly qualified and well-versed bookkeeper and accounting crew of QuickBooks.

Meaning to Check Voids

When you void a paper check, you can no longer use that particular check for payment purposes. This is applicable for both physical checks and the number associated with the check. Writing the” Void” word on the review gives protection against fraud up to some extent, but the fraudster still finds a way to create fake check accounts or set up electronic payments and transfers. Taking all these things into account, the best way to protect checks is to shred them or file them safely.

Proper voiding and protecting paper checks is the first step in the security process, but a record of the voided check must be maintained within the accounts to catch the attempts if the check number is used again. The user must also remember that the check and the number associated with the check are rendered invalid if the user marks the check as void.

Steps to void the check-in QuickBooks Online

To make a check void in QuickBooks Online is a simple task. It ensures to keep your A/P records accurate with an account of your profit and loss statement with the addition of a Check Register.

Record the void check

1. Identify and locate the check which the user wants to avoid. The easy method to do this is by going on Check Register.
2. Now select option (a) click on Banking in the left-hand toolbar or (b) click on the bank account under Bank Account on the right side of the screen from the dashboard
3. Now click on “Go to register” to move on next screen
4. Search for the check which you want to void and use the filter if needed
5. Select check lines in the Register and then hit the edit button
6. Now click on the bottom of the next screen and hit avoid
7. It’s time to click the “Yes” button on the dialogue box. Now the warning lets you examine payable checks. the instant-on which the user clicks yes, the payment will be initiated as void and the bill is updated to show up as open and payable on users A/P reports
8. Now select the “OK “button
9. The final step is to review your check Registry. Now you can see the check shows $0 and void.

Steps to void a check which is not previously entered

1. The first step is to select the “New “button for the dashboard and click on a review under the vendor

2. Now create usual text and fill in these details listed under

  • Payee name
  • Date of the check when written
  • Check the number
  • Select the appropriate bank account with the correct type of category and add the amount following the note in the description box.

3. Finally, click on the Save and close button

4. Now review your check registry, and the user will see that the check shows $0 and void.

No matter why you void the check, we recommend that you follow this process to void the check number in QuickBooks Online if it was required by your vendor or customer to set up electronic payments.
Steps to void the check from prior accounting tool

We have listed a few steps to examine the check that needs to be voided from a prior accounting period. These steps will not necessarily be valid if written in a previous year and if the books of that year have been closed and you want to amend the process.

This process will prevent the amendments and avoid the changes of the closed books and keep the booking accurate.

1. Create a bank deposit to counteract the voiding of the check. Click “New” from your dashboard and select “Bank Deposit.”.
2. Would you please fill out the Bank Deposit form as usual? Ensure you select the correct bank account (a) and set the (b) date to one in the current accounting year and make it easier to find this adjustment entry and other details appropriately.

This blog is a comprehensive guide to check the void check. If you are stuck at this step, reach us out by contacting the QuickBooks support number to avail immediate assistance. Otherwise, you can ping us on email or live chat option, and our representative will reach out shortly.