QuickBooks Cannot Connect to Email Server

QuickBooks Cannot Connect to Email Server

QuickBooks is undoubtedly is one of the outstanding accounting software but it never makes it error-free. QuickBooks also engages codes and algorithms and it is prone to certain errors. Accounting software is going to discuss one of the commonly encountered errors. QuickBooks couldn’t connect to the email server.

A quick troubleshoot to this error can be connected with our QuickBooks customer care team which can suggest your instant accurate errors. Go through this blog for a better insight into this problem. After using QuickBooks desktop online, entering username and password, the user might get the following error message. Any of the two displayed messages might appear on the screen. This error can be encountered mostly on Yahoo email addresses.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix QuickBooks Can’t Connect to Email Server

If you are talking about solutions, more than one step is recommended. Let’s look at the solution one by one.

Method – 1 Upgrade to the Latest Release

  • Go to the “Latest Release page Upgrade”
  • The next method to ensure the product is chosen. Go to the Change link and then select the QuickBooks product
  • Now, select the Update button to download the Update file
  • The final step is to select the Set Up Automatic Updates to learn the method to configure QuickBooks download automatically and also install the latest upgrade.

Method – 2 Examine the Settings in the WebMail Preferences

  • The user is required to select Preferences from the QuickBooks Edit menu
  • After this, choose the Send forms option in the left pane
  • The user must select the email account they are using under My Preferences followed by choosing the Edit option
  • Now, the next method is to move to the SMTP Server details section in the edit email info screen followed by setting the server’s name and port to the email provider settings. The User must go to Set up the QuickBooks Desktop email service from a list of SMTP Server and Ports.

Method – 3 Reset Internet Explorer Settings to Default

  • To start, the user is required to access Internet Explorer and then select the Tools Menu or Gear Icon
  • After this, select the Internet options
  • Now, go to the Advanced tab and then Restore Advanced Settings
  • The final step is to select Okay followed by a Close Browser.

After going to the above steps, a condition can arise when the user might determine that the antivirus is blocking the outgoing emails. In such conditions, it is better to consult an IT professional to avoid any further conclusions. If the problem persists, the user can go to the following solutions as per the error messages they face.

If you are still getting an error message after trying all these solutions, you can perform the suggested solution in the error message.

Method – 4 Not Connected to the Internet of Firewall Blocking the Error Connection

If the problem appears, try to access Internet Explorer and access the website.

Method- 5 Email Server Settings Are Incorrect

If email server settings are inaccurate, then authenticate the settings by carrying out the methods.

Method – 6 An Incorrect Email Address or Password Entered

Try to access email through the web browser and confirm that login credentials are correct.

If the problem persists, feel free to get in touch with QuickBooks phone number to troubleshoot it efficiently. Try once by creating the new Admin user to fix the problem. Consult with professionals to avoid any type of further mess.

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