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Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12029

Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12029
Oct 03, 2022   |   By admin

The glitches and bugs in QuickBooks are something that consumes a lot of time while fix them. Whereas some troubleshooting methods easily resolve the issue, the others just keep you circling around. QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12029 is one such error that makes you run at it to find the solution. It is basically a network time-out technical glitch that makes the accounting software to not to pull up the IP address.

The error mentioned here is not uncommon and usually surfaces from the back-end servers that fail to communicate with QuickBooks in a given time period. The glitch also comes to the topside when you try to update either QuickBooks desktop or payroll.

To dive deeper into the root cause of the error and how to resolve it, you are advised to stick to the blog till the end. However, before we move ahead with the fixing part, let’s get to know a little bit about QuickBooks Payroll Error 12029;

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QuickBooks Error 12029 – A Brief Insight

QuickBooks error 12029 is an error in the update that affects the connectivity between QB software and the back-end servers. To state accurately, it is a network time-out error in which the accounting software QuickBooks is unable to get the IP address. It is a tedious glitch that may affect the overall productivity of the work might be caused by the weak connection between the back-end servers and the accounting software.

External Reasons That Might Cause The Error

  • Technical glitches in updating or downloading QuickBooks Payroll may cause it to occur.
  • Possible obstructions in the firewall and internet security programs installed in the system. Both the services that are meant to protect the system may make the servers to the software connectivity fail.
  • Internet Explorer is not selected as your default browser in your desktop system.
  • You may have poor internet connectivity, or your internet plan is expired.
  • Probably your SSL settings are configured inadequately, which might lead to the error occurrence.
  • Your internet settings are not harmonious with the desired settings that the accounting software needs to run at.

The Internal Factors Causing the Error

  • The QB software fails to connect to the internet.
  • QuickBooks Company File may have lost connection.
  • The servers from the back end are blocked for numerous reasons.

Update time-out in the accounting software can be the possible reason QuickBooks error 12029 pops up.

Is There Any Solution For Removing QuickBooks Error Code 12029?

One sure-shot way of getting rid of QuickBooks errors is using Internet Explorer as your default browser. You need to know that QB is compatible with Internet Explorer, and it runs well on this specific browser. Therefore setting the browser as a default browser solves half of the problem.

Also, configuring the firewall settings is just as necessary as setting Internet explorer as a default browser. Speaking of, QB Tool Hub can be made good use of configuring the firewall settings. Also, by checking your internet connection, you can ensure the good health of the accounting software.

There are several other solutions through which you can resolve error 12029. Follow the solutions given below, and maybe you will get your glitch resolved;

Solution 1. Choose Internet Explorer As a Default Browser

The accounting software QuickBooks is more compatible with Internet Explorer. It is quite unusual for the error 12029 to surface when you are not setting Internet Explorer as your default browser. Here are the steps to make it your default browser;

# Go for the Run command on your Windows Desktop system.
#Press Enter.
#Proceed ahead to tabs for “Programs”.
#Select “Make Internet Explorer the Default Browser”.
#Now start downloading updates for QuickBooks.

Now that you have set Internet Explorer as your default browser, you may not find error 12029 popping up.

Solution 2. QuickBooks Tool Hub to Configure Firewall and Anti-Virus Settings

Security services installation practice is quite common and necessary. It keeps you from malicious malware and snooping activities. However, a firewall or security software may interfere with the QuickBooks accounting software and cause malfunctioning. Here’s how to configure the security services;

#Open Intuit’s official website.
#Now download the “QuickBooks Tool Hub File” from the official website.
#Save “QuickBooksToolHub.exe”.
#Open the saved file on your desktop and follow the prompts.
#Install QB Tool Hub on your desktop.
#Once the installation is done, press icon on the tool twice.
#It will start auto-configure the firewall ports.
#Run “QuickBooks”.

Once you follow the procedure thoroughly, you will get the error removed from the system. If the stubborn error still stays, here comes the other solution.

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Solution 3. Ensuring Internet Connectivity

A faulty internet connection may lead to the QuickBooks error 12029. Therefore, it is mandatory to check if your connectivity is neatly configured.

#Launch the default browser – Internet Explorer on your desktop Windows system.
#Open Google in it.
#Ensure that Google is opening in the browser. If it doesn’t, you need to configure your internet settings.

Solution 4. Windows in Safe Mode with Networking

Windows safe mode is quite effective for various reasons. Usually, a user will not see any error when they run the software in Safe Mode. The issue can be resolved if you follow the mentioned steps;

#Press Windows + I simultaneously.
#Navigate to Update & Security and then click on “Check for Update”.
#Next, you need to access the Recovery icon that is available in the Advanced Startup.
#When you are restarting the Windows, press F8 continuously to get to the “Safe Mode with Networking”.
#Check if the error is still there. If not, you are good to go. If yes, continue reading.

Solution 5. Reboot the Updates by Re-configuring QuickBooks Payroll

Re-configuring QuickBooks Payroll will reboot the system and fix the error if none of the above-listed fixes work for you. Here’s how you can proceed with it;

#Turn off you Wireless/Wired Router or unplug it. Now wait for 10 seconds or so and turn it back on.
#Now, plug it back and turn it on. Hit the internet switch and check the internet latency.
#Get access to the QuickBooks accounting software and get to the company file.
#After that, press Ctrl + K on your keyword.
#Un-check your opened Payroll Setup.
#Wait till the process ends. Once it is over, updates start rolling.

Solution 6. SSL Settings Configuration for The Default Browser Internet Explorer in QuickBooks

When you are unable to update payroll, try moving to the Help menu in QuickBooks and choose “Internet connection settings”. Check if the accounting software uses an internet connection. Proceed to “Next” and hit the “Advanced connection setting”.

• Step 1. Check your internet properties and get to the advanced tab:
#Ensure that “Use SSL 2.0” and “SSL 3.0” are verified.
#Select “Connect” and then click “OK”.
#Now, close the accounting software QB and restart it.
#Lastly, get to the “Help” tab and then click “Update Now”.

• Step 2. Configuring SSL settings for Internet Explorer outside the QB.
#Get access to the “Microsoft Internet Explorer” browser.
#Move your cursor to “Tools” and choose “Internet Options”.
#Next, select “Advanced Tab”.
#Once you are done with selecting the “Advanced Tab” select “SSL 2.0” and “SSL 3.0” in “security”.
#Hit “Apply” and afterward, “OK”. It will close the Window.

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Final Verdict

That’s all to fix the error 12029 in the accounting software QB. QuickBooks is a powerful computer application that helps in accounting. It matters not for what technical issue the error may arise. It affects the work environment and sometimes poses significant losses. The solutions elaborated in the blog post are tried and tested. If the error still persists and couldn’t be solved with the help of mentioned steps in the post, try contacting our toll-free hotline.

Frequently Asked Question

Firstly, there’s no need to panic when this error occurs in the first place. The error may pose some serious setbacks to your work in the short run, but once you go through the blog and try implementing all the solutions mentioned in it, you may be able to resolve it. In case the problem continues to persist, try contacting the QuickBooks tech experts, as they will resolve the issue.

Yes, your firewall settings may prevent your accounting software from performing properly. Talking about QuickBooks Payroll Error 12029, is a classic error that a user faces when their firewall settings doesn’t go well with the accounting software. If you need to fix the error, pay close attention to the blog post, and it will help you in resolving the error issue.

Your Internet connection plays an important role which, if not configured neatly, may pose errors such as number 12029. Also, make sure that your internet connection is speedy enough to run the accounting software. Apart from that, if the error occurs, try running QuickBooks in the Safe mode in networking and follow the steps mentioned in the blog.

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